We are committed to providing top-tier home and lawn services through the use of our proprietary organic amendments, and implementation of the best practices in horticulture and agricultural science.







Enhance Soil Vitality


Each plant has its own complex life-cycle, and those details are determined within the first two weeks of growth. Using Superior Start in this early phase, gives your starts the nutrients they need, setting the stage for a robust harvest season. Most effective when paired with Biome Booster.

Maximize Growth Rate


Colossal Crops is a potent blend of organic nutrients, designed to maximize micro-nutrient uptake, and increase growth rates and overall size. This formula is best for the vegetative growth phase, but also for all greens, turf, trees, and house plants. 


Increase Overall Yield


Flower Frenzy was created with one purpose... to increase overall production. We developed this compound to raise flower sets by as much as 35% in the hands of any grower, whether new or experienced. More flowers and fruit sets equal larger harvests. 

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Repair Damaged Soil 

BiomeBooster is a cultured complex consisting of inoculated beneficial microorganisms which help to control soil-organism equilibrium, increase disease resistance and water retention, and improve soil health. This easy-to-use complex will create a "living soil" and maximize nutrient uptake.

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Boost Animal Health

Parasite Purge destroys internal parasites, boosts immunity, and reduces mortality rates as a simple water additive. This universal solution keeps your animals healthy by ridding them of parasites, assisting with digestion, and boosting immunity against bacteria and pathogens.  

Repel Harmful Pests

Garden Guard is a proprietary vegan compound consisting of organic oils which help to repel pests without the use of chemicals or other synthetics. This blend of beneficial oils disrupts hormone production and processing in insects, causing a loss of appetite, and inducing a coma-like state.

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Humin Earth was founded to promote an organic alternative to the overuse of synthetic chemical fertilizers.  Our organic nutrients are blended by us, but created by mother nature.  The prevention of sickness and disease begins with a clean diet. Food free of chemicals is a human right we cannot afford to lose.


"In an effort to change the world though organic practices, we will lead the fight for clean, healthy, and chemical free lands."





Our efforts extend beyond just that of agriculture and lawn care. We are dedicated to uncovering the greatness of all sectors of industry, and our passion is healing our lands. Working closely with our affiliates, we have made great strides in fixing our ecosystem through corrective assistance to the masses.


"If we don't get our food system under control, we will lose what power we have left. Working together, we will win this fight."


The Science behind Compound-X

Compound-X is our proprietary humate bio-blend used as a base to create our nutrient formulas. We start with a proprietary complex of organic minerals, naturally occurring resins, and hundreds of micro-nutrients and macromolecules, many of which are known as humates. These molecules range in size from less than 1000, to more than 100,000 daltons, with the lower mass representing the younger material. Because of its vegetative origin, this material is very rich and beneficial to plants.


How does it work?


By supplying soils with these three formulas throughout their life cycle, we help to bind cations (positively charged elements). The ability to chelate positively charged multivalent ions (Mg, Ca, Fe and other “trace minerals” of value to plants) is probably the most important role of Compound-X with respect to your soil. By chelating the ions, these formulas facilitate the uptake of ions by means of several mechanisms, one of which is preventing their precipitation (leaching through the soil). Another is the direct and positive influence on their bio-availability. It can also detoxify the soil of heavy metals, altering their natural state and making them available to plants as inert minerals. Research has shown that heavy metals can also be “locked up” with the addition of Compound-X .


How does it benefit plants?

Compound-X  increases nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, and seed germination. This rich carbon compound increases microbial activity in the soil, making it an excellent root stimulator. Compound-X  increases the availability of nutrients in our fertilizers and in those already existing in your soil. It will help to aerate the soil from the inside. It will also help to lower the pH of the soil to a more neutral level and will flush high levels of salts out of the root zone, all of which will help to promote plant health, and far greater growth.


"After using this fertilizer only a handful of times on my indoor plants, it has made an immeasurable difference. I have a variety of plants and all of them are noticeably stonger, healthier, and growing better than ever!"

—  Ashlenn C.

We use only the highest quality raw materials that have been micro-pulverized to their naturally dry form, precisely blended into proprietary alkaline or acidic wet chemistry formulas, and micro-quad filtered to separate out all insoluble material. Our products are capacity capable of meeting any organic agricultural, horticultural, ornamental, or hydroponic market demands around the globe.  

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